” Pastured chickens, because they eat high amounts of forage, can be clinically shown to be far lower in saturated fat than conventionally produced birds. Raised without negatives – antibiotics, steroids, fecal air, and artificial light – but with positives – probiotics, kelp meal, natural vitamins, fresh air and sunshine, clean pasture paddocks and in small groups –  pastured birds offer a completely different meat to the consumer.” – Joel Salatin, author of Pastured Poultry Profits” , and the forerunner in pastured farming.

LINCOLN, NEB. – 05/11/2018 – Friday, May 11, 2018, at their farm. KAYLA WOLF, Journal Star

”The industry says Cornish Cross broilers cannot be raised without artificial vitamin packs and antibiotics. They are right, if the birds are raised in a setting as unnatural as factory confinement houses. But out on pasture, with fresh air, sunshine, green material and wholesome feed, these broilers will outperform their factory counterparts in every way.” – Joel Salatin

“A 2010 study from Penn State showed that they had twice as much vitamin E and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids as eggs from caged hens.” Dr. Andrew Weil

“It’s delicious and nutritious. Studies of pastured poultry by interested groups and universities have found that chicken and eggs raised on pasture are more nutritious in terms of a lower omega 6:3 ratio and increased levels of vitamins A (eggs), D, and E.” -APPPA (American Pastured Poultry Producers Association) Website

The biggest difference I can say between pastured poultry and massive-scale factory poultry is the stewardship between bird, farmer, and customer. Our goal is to know each and every customer and be one big family. We want such a good personal connection that we as a family can withstand the shocks of the continued “greenwashed” industry.

Greenwashing is when producers labeled as organic or free range are overzealous with their advertising. I will not go as far and say they are not being truthful. However the regulations to acquire these “stamps” might be misunderstood by customers. For example an Organic raised bird doesn’t mean they have to be outside. A bird can be labeled organic even with less than 1 square foot of space and being indoors their entire lives. Free range means they just have access to a certain amount of outdoor access. The door for the birds could be as small as a cat door; the area they have could only be concrete or hard packed dirt. A lot of times the birds will never see the outdoors, the door is so small and there are so many birds in one area. 

Greenwashing is really an unfortunate event that is happening right now. It is very misleading to customers. People are buying products because of how they think the birds are being raised.

True Pastured Poultry is best explained by APPPA at their “How to Buy Real Pastured Poultry” page on their website.