Poultry Processing

Pasture2 Table farm is licensed to process poultry in the state of Nebraska. Poultry processed through us can be resold at Restaurants, Farmers markets, Direct to Consumer, etc


All processing has an initial set-up fee of $10. This halfway-ish covers cleaning out the initial chicken enclosure, setting up, sanitizing, and clean up time.

Broilers: (Cornish Cross)

Whole and Unbagged                              $4.00 each

Whole and Bagged up to 6 lbs            $4.75 each

Cutup and Unbagged                               $7.00 each

Cutup and Bagged                                    $7.75 each

-Birds less than 3 pounds processed weight will be charged an extra $.25/bird. They are too small to fit in our “graduating” cones, they slide right through, which is no fun. Especially if there are 50 birds…ALL sliding through. Feed your birds more, then bring them in, please and thank you 🙂

All Non-broiler chickens: (Red/Freedom Rangers, old hens/roosters):

Whole and Unbagged                               $5.00 each

Whole and Bagged                                    $5.75 each


Whole and Unbagged                                $10.00 each

**we don’t carry Turkey bags, please provide shrink bags or other storage bags for these birds.


Currently, we will only do 40-50 birds per day. This is because I have to leave time in the day to take care of my own farm 🙂

I am able to process Necks, Feet, Livers, Hearts, Lungs, and Gizzards.

-Parting out birds in this fashion definitely adds a lot of time to each bird. An additional $.50 will be charged for each bird that has specific organs pulled out and separated. 

-Cleaning Gizzards – $.75 per

-Prepping feet – $.50 per bird For extra scalding to remove all skin, or removing toenails. If you are JUST cutting the feet off and you want them AS IS, then that is $.25 per bird

I am able to get more custom than this, just let me know and we can work something out give me a call or email.


I am flexible, however this is what works best for me.

  • Drop off birds evening/night before processing, this ensures that their crops are empty when I process in the morning. Birds will be kept in a fenced in enclosure with water available.
  • I will process the next morning until completed, birds will then be ice bathed immediately until packaging happens. Pick up can happen the same day in the evening, Or if there is a small amount of birds we can freeze them for you for pick up the next day.