Pastured Pork

Pastured pork is pretty sweet.

I would say the the American Guinea Hog actually makes pastured pork one of the coolest things there is.

Grain Free! Yes, those words were just written, American Guinea hogs can get to full weight off of nothing but pasture. How cool is that. A pig, that eats nothing but pasture, and turns that into lean, mean, protein.

We set up an area of electric fence every couple days, the pigs graze it, and then they move on to the next section we give them. I could quite literally sit down in the middle of all the pigs, enjoy a nice lunch in the grass with Abbey and we wouldnt know there was pigs there unless we saw them. No smell at all. The only thing we can smell is the Nebraska grass around us.

I love pigs, but more importantly I love pastured pigs. This is our first year running pigs and I really hope people like the lean pork they make because it is a blast to raise it.

Come reserve some pastured pork, I only have 2 pigs left! 🙂