We are farmers, and we want to farm in a way that is best for us, best for the animals, and most importantly for our future, best for the land.

We just want to know where our food comes from that is all. The problem presently is the gap between producers and consumers. Even a few years ago I thought chicken just came in a package labeled “boneless skinless” and that’s the way it was. Now that I know what goes into making a delicious chicken and pork that is good for everyone, I have a dream; A dream that the farmer/consumer gap will close. It is our goal for families to come out to the farm and see how everything works instead of just buying meat in a frozen package.

Hundreds of chickens and several pigs in one area sure sounds like a smelly place? That is far from the truth. The animals smell so natural that if your eyes were closed you wouldn’t even know there was a farm here. Its an amazing thing moving animals to new forage constantly. The grass gets greener, the animals are happier, and oh boy does it make them tastier.

I know it’s possible for the gap to be closed and I need your help!

We have a 100% open door policy, at any time you want to come to the farm, we would love to show you around.

We buy our feed and chicks locally too!

Our chicken feed comes from Prairie Oaks Feed out of West Point, Nebraska. We buy their Broiler and Layer feed. We are really lucky to have them in Nebraska. They are the only producers that I will buy premixed feed from because they make it just right. They designed the mixture of feed to work with pasture raised birds, using high quality grains.

If Prairie Oaks wasn’t around we would have to buy our grains separate and mix them together ourselves. The owner of Prairie Oaks is also an amazing resource when it comes to pasture raised birds, I am always calling him asking for advice.

Our chicks come from Central Hatchery out of Madison, Nebraska. They are very cost effective and they deliver right to the farm luckily for us. It saves us a ton of hassle and they are very great to work with.

Locally bought, Locally grown, Locally sold.

Grass fed goodness, mmmm.



We also love the military. I am in the Nebraska National Guard myself. #America.