We love America and we also love to eat.

We try our best to farm in a way that is good for the flag and good for us.

We aim to bring Nebraska the highest quality Pasture raised chicken and pork there is.

Pasture raised means living outside soaking up the sun and eating all the good things that the earth has provided them. Chickens and pigs eat the bugs and forage in the ground.

With plenty of fresh grass and freedom to move, they flourish.

Our animals are raised on good ol’ Nebraska pasture, hormone and vaccine free!




This video explains Pastured Poultry in 8 minutes. It’s an amazing video made by APPPA and the best resource to explain why we do what we do. 

“Brought to you by APPPA, American Pastured Poultry producers of America”



We started Pasture2 Table Farm because we think consumers should know where their food is coming from and how it is raised. We are a complete “Open-Door Policy” company; if you want your family to come to the farm and see what we’re all about, we would love to show you around.

We love farming, we love producing food so we can all share and enjoy it. We also love the great things pasture raised animals do for the land. It’s wild, just after one year of running chickens through the grass, there is a very noticeable difference in plants. One step to the left will look like regular ol’ grass, one step to the right where the chickens have gone through will be vibrant green pasture that grows taller and more densely.

We love sustainable farming, and we love how America is more conscientious of its land, however why stick with “the same”? Why sustain the land? Why not make it better while we farm!