• $10 off purchase of Chicken over $100 (SAVE10ON100)
  • $25 off purchase of Chicken over $200 (Save25on200)
  • Pre-purchasers get first come first serve of all products
  • If you give us a google review we will give 10% off on next order



Pre-paying, also known as CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) really helps us out as farmers. This way, rather than producing all this food and hoping to make a profit at the end, we can understand more clearly what our demand is. It also helps to keep the stress down, instead of hoping for a paycheck at the end, we can manage our finances much easier if it is front loaded. Thank you as always for your support!


**Venmo Paying: @pasture2table

**Venmo is a little easier than Paypal, if you have it, lets use it 🙂 if not, not a worry.


*New* Delivery in 2019!

For orders over $400 P2T can deliver. For 1-60 miles there is a delivery fee of $.25/pound of meat, and $.20/Dozen eggs. For 61-120 miles it is $.50/pound and $.40/dozen eggs.

So come on, get a group of friends and family together and $400 will be a breeze. Order must be completed and paid through the website, mail, or Venmo before delivery.


Apparel and dog treats coming soon!
Email or message us for more information

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