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  • Pre-purchasers get first come first serve of all products
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Pre-paying, also known as CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) really helps us out as farmers. This way, rather than producing all this food and hoping to make a profit at the end, we can understand more clearly what our demand is. It also helps to keep the stress down, instead of hoping for a paycheck at the end, we can manage our finances much easier if it is front loaded. Thank you as always for your support!

If you are doing CSA/Pre-Paying your prices will be locked in at 4 pounds. If the bird weighs more than that, you will still be paying for a 4 pound bird.

Paying can either happen through Venmo, the website or in person with cash, check, or Square. Through Venmo and the website works best for us, because this makes it easier to cover ongoing expenses such as feed, or building material.




Eggs are ready now, and Whole Chicken will be ready for pickup the 3rd week in June and through the rest of the season. I will process birds once a week on Saturdays. Those will be the best days for pick ups. Everyone can come out to the farm, watch the processing, and then I can hand you a never-frozen bird. Its great. Then you can take it home and have a fantastic dinner. Other days besides Saturdays will work but It will have to be later in the evening and extra communication will need to occur. Whatever needs to happen we can make work.

* $10 off for orders over $100 – Just enter coupon code (SAVE10ON100) at checkout


*$25 off for orders over $200 – Just enter coupon code (save25on200) at checkout

*10% off for submitting a google review – (googlereview) at checkout to receive discount


**Venmo Paying: @pasture2table

**Venmo is a little easier than Paypal, if you have it, lets use it 🙂 if not, not a worry.


** I have square, so card payments can be made in person**


*New* Delivery in 2019!

For orders over $400 P2T can deliver. For 1-60 miles there is a delivery fee of $.25/pound of meat, and $.20/Dozen eggs. For 61-120 miles it is $.50/pound and $.40/dozen eggs.

So come on, get a group of friends and family together and $400 will be a breeze. Order must be completed and paid through the website, mail, or Venmo before delivery.


Apparel and dog treats coming soon!
Email or message us for more information

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