Pasture2 Table are simple folk that want to keep America chugging along, using farm practices that are good for the land and good for you.

We love America and we also love to eat. There came a time for us to question where our food comes from. After some research we decided we wanted to raise animals and crops in a way that was healthy and just made sense. There are always two paths in life: one is easy and one is hard. Turns out the hard one isn’t all that hard, we can put in a little more work and in return, the land smiles back at us after we harvest our goods.

2018’s focus is on broilers and layers. 2019 we plan to add more birds, hogs, and whatever else sounds like a good idea.

Hello, my name is Giovanni Sanchez and I have had an interesting journey to get where I am now. I was in my second year of college studying for a test I had later that week. I was watching a Youtube video of someone much smarter than me teaching me how to do calculus. On the side bar I noticed a video with a chicken on it. As it was time for a break anyways, I watched that video. I watched about 30 more that night without doing any more homework. The next day I watched about 50 more videos, which led me to go online and buy several “how to” farming books. Long story short, at the end of the semester I was on a plane to Oklahoma, leaving college to intern on a ranch.

The Ranch was not kind to a city boy from Minnesota with zero agricultural experience. Normally, I would say I’m fairly competent at most things I try. Nope, not ranching. If there was a mistake to be done, I did it. Trying to back a skid loader through a fence, forgetting to feed the Bulls, and worst of all, not watering the “Boss Lady’s” goats. After some time, I figured it out. Even through all the mistakes, I had a blast, and the Ag bug never left me.

After some time in Okie I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where I knew I wanted to start my farm. I had the intention of waiting a couple years to get everything organized. But then I got impatient and jumped ship within a couple months of being in Nebraska.

In 2018 we will be raising broilers, and layers. I have a love for pigs and I would love to add them in the years to come. I am very glad my family doesn’t think I am completely crazy since there are approximately zero farmers in my tree. The idea of waking up to chickens clucking and pigs oinking is what pushes me every day to get to a point where the farm can support me. Farming can be good for the land, and I want to show people that it can be done.